At our company, we prioritize the player's experience above all else. We don't just make games - our team creates immersive, living worlds and brings innovative solutions to the industry.

Everyone knows that Earth Сows is the main and only rate of status and successful life among aliens. And do so as the Cows live happily and profitably, they need a farm on their own asteroid.
Light It Up!
"Light It Up!" is an addictive puzzle game that challenges you to turn on the lights in houses by connecting them to the generator with wires on the playing field.
GarbAge Inc.
GarbAge Inc. – the ultimate idle tycoon game about garbage recycling!

As CEO of a growing waste management company build and manage the most efficient recycling plant in the world!

TombHunters is a treasure hunting adventure game in which, with the help of a team of treasure hunters you explore various ancient tombs in different corners of the whole word!

We've always loved playing games and creating them. While working in large game development companies, we learned how to do things correctly and avoid common pitfalls. Now, we have a team that knows how to create the right balance of gameplay, art, and technology in our games.

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